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Thread: Simple system

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    I'm Dan.

    Default Simple system


    Rega P3 turntable with Nagaoka MP500
    Nord CD1 cd player
    Arrender S10
    Eastern electric MM DAC
    CJ CAV50 int amplifier
    Reference 3A Grand Veena speakers

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    I'm Bartek.


    Good looking system Dan. Well done.
    Welcome on the forum.
    Living Room Onkyo P303 + Hitachi HMA-6500, HGE-6500, Music Hall CD 25.2, Onkyo T-909, TA-2500, Akai GX-6, Yamaha MDX-596, Panasonic DMP-BDT460, PS4, Pioneer PL-112D+AT95E, Tannoy Mercury V4
    Other Sansui AU-D7, Onkyo P-3060R, TA-2900, TA-2500, TA-2360, TA-RW9090, Nakamichi 480, 580, Sansui SR-212+AT95E, Yamaha CA-1010, CT-1010, TC-1000, K-850, T-1.

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    I'm Robert.


    Bet that makes a nice sound Dan
    My System:
    Amplification - Sansui AU-alpha 707 DR
    Turntable - Modified Technics SL1210 MK5G
    Mike New precision bearing, bearing base plate, ETP Platter
    Micro Seiki MA-202 tonearm, rewired, hybrid ceramic bearings
    Ortofon Cadenza Black moving coil cartridge
    Yannis Tome 423.5 Silver-Litz tonearm cable with KLEI Pure Silver Harmony plugs
    Ebony armboard
    Audio Technica MS-8 Magnesium headshell, Ortofon pure silver headshell leads
    Isonoe Isolation Feet
    Paul Hynes SR7EHD PSU (plus regulator modules), DCSXL pure-silver DC lead with Jaegar low impedance connector
    CDP - Pioneer PD-91
    Speakers - Spendor D7
    QED Silver Spiral speaker cable, Airlock plugs - bare wire amp end.
    Mains - Ultra Pure silver plated un-switched socket, Missing link EPS 500 silver plated plugs with Hi-Fi Tuning gold plated silver ceramic 13 amp fuses

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    I'm Martin.


    Very tasty. Lovely floor too, sets it off nicely.

    Current Lash Up:

    Technics SL1200P CD Player * NVA P90SA passive pre / Krell KSA50S Power amp * JM Lab Electra 926 loudspeakers *

    'This is the sort of music I'd be listening to if I was going shopping for a training bra.'

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    I'm Lawrence.


    Simple maybe, but not cheap!

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    I'm Dan.


    Quote Originally Posted by Burner View Post
    Good looking system Dan. Well done.
    Welcome on the forum.
    Thanks for the welcome, Burner...

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