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Thread: AV amp modding.....sort of

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    Default AV amp modding.....sort of

    Following the recent demise of my power amplifier I have pressed into use the power amp section of an oldish Nad AV amplifier.
    This sounds surprisingly clean and punchy, typical Nad I guess.

    As this is going to be used for a while yet a question comes to mind.
    The Nads internals are connected up using ribbon connectors....Dac, Preamp, Display boards etc, would I achieve any improvement in sound quality....and would it compromise the power sections performance if I powered down the unused parts of the amp?


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    I would give it a go. It might reduce noise; the less the power supply has to do the better, at least in theory.

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    Assuming that you have 4 or more channels you could try bi-amping too, if your speakers allow it and the AV amp can be set up for it.

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