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Thread: Ideas for Hi-Rez Digital Player for 1TB USB drive?

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    Coming back to original post:

    Something like a CXN for convenience..

    An RPi system for SQ and VFM ..


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    Default Ideas for Hi-Rez Digital Player for 1TB USB drive?

    I use a full Femto Auralic Aries feeding a Metrum Hex DAC. The Aries has a USB connection on it. I use WiFi to connect a NAS drive which works very well. Being WiFi it allows you to add streaming from a multitude of sources. It does need a suitable Apple product to control it - I use an iPad but I think you can use an iPhone, but you need to have the right version.

    It handles many hirez file types. Virtually all my music is flac but I have a few higher res tracks as well.

    You can add which interface you want. I am currently running MinimServer which is intuitive and easy to use.

    Sound quality is better than my old Logitech Duet and various CD players I have used including Consonance Droplet 3.1 and Talk Thunder 6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hificricketboy View Post
    Sound quality is better than my old Logitech Duet
    The Receiver was not the greatest sounding piece of kit.
    Sonically it was on a par with the SB3.
    The SQ stakes were upped considerably with the Touch, and the bar raised a lot higher if you powered it from a decent linear PSU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReggieB View Post
    I have a Simaudio Moon 180 MiND that I really like. The software is much better than other hardware solution I've tried. It just handles the streaming side of things - which I like as it means I can hook it to my DAC of choice (currently a Bryston BDA-1), and NAS drive. I currently use a couple of LaCie CloudBoxes NAS.

    You can pick up a Moon 180 MiNDs on ebay for around 500.

    I played with a lot of Raspberry Pi setups and as much as I like them, I much prefer the Moon 180 MiND solution (even with previous DACs (Peachtree DAC-IT, and M2Tech Young).

    The Simaudio Moon is a great bit of kit, heard this streaming to a Chord Dave DAC - sublime!

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    Thanks for all the suggestions, gents.
    After a bit of online research I'm going to try an Azur 851N, looks like just what I'm after. If it sounds good through the on-board dual-mono Analog Devices DACs (as all reports say it does) then I can sell on my current DAC (Bryston BDA-1) which will pretty much cover the cost. Found a brand new one on ebay for my 1K budget.

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