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Thread: Comparing SPU Cartridges

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    Default Comparing SPU Cartridges

    Hello, I know this is an impossible question but I wonder whether anyone who has heard a selection of SPU's would care to comment on the perceived differences between them please? I have done a search and although there are quite a few historic SPU threads I haven't found a good comparison of the sound between say the Classic GM MkII, Classic GM Mk II E, Silver Meister, Royal GM and A95. I've been meaning to try one for ages but just go round in circles trying to choose between them.

    I realise this will be in your systems rather than mine but it would be really helpful and allow me to find a good place to start, many thanks.

    David Whistance

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    Look at Ammonite Audio's thread on SPUs. Hugo and Tom (Montesque) are familiar with some of them.

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    I dont suppose you have a link to that thread please, I've just done a search and can't find it?

    David Whistance

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    Tom (Montesquieu here on AoS) is definitely your man for this sort of opinion. I've only recently taken on Ortofon SPUs so I have not yet enough experience to be able to give clear advice based on actual listening to the various SPU models and incarnations. My first stock delivery of a single SPU#1E only arrived today!
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    I sold my SPU Silver Meister to SpeedySteve (Magna Audio) about seven years ago and he still has it! It's a fantastic cartridge, I had it up against a Koetsu Rosewood at the time and kept the Koetsu, but I'm not sure I'd make that choice now if I had to do it again. It's has all the SPU virtues but is slightly less warm/coloured and probably a touch more detailed than the SPU Royal GM/SPU Royal N which is the SPU I'm running at the moment. (Though I happen to like the Royal N's slight rosiness in comparison).
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    Default Silver Meister then Royal N

    I did have Tom's Silver Meister but sold it on a good while ago.

    I had a Royal N at the same time and kept the Royal N..

    The Royal N has a slightly more rounded overall performance and all music types in my opinion but both are fantastic.

    I've heard other SPU's over the years but can't remember them well enough to compare - other than I know I like what I have.

    They need a nice heavy tonearm. If you are fitting a Royal-N make sure it's in a really heavy headshell. Forget Sumiko heavy, think Fidelity Reseach heavy. Mine really started singing once paired with the latter.
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