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Thread: Technics SL-1210Mk2 Tonearm change ?

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    Default Technics SL-1210Mk2 Tonearm change ?

    Hi everyone, I've not been active on this forum for long, so please be gentle with me...
    So, I'm considering changing the standard tonearm on my SL-1210Mk2, as you can see from my signature, I've made various mods already and I have the 'itch' to play (and empty my savings account) again.
    From what I've read and picked up, the tonearm is another area of improvement for the Technics, so I wondered what opinions from your good fellows are ?
    My budget is not massive, ideally I'd love a SME V (hi-fi porn), but I can only dream of one of those, so getting back to reality I'm thinking of a Jelco SA750DB.
    I know that these are being discontinued for a new model, but are still in the £500 region.
    I really want a detachable headshell option, so I can alternate cartridges, again this limits some options.
    So over to you.....
    Thanks in advance for any info and advice...Richard
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    Ooooops, seems I may have posted in the wrong group, copied now to The Techipedia group, apologise for my error....

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    Default Jelco

    The Jelco is a good solid way forward.

    Many, many arms will fit, though not all. Max spindle to pivot distance that will fit is around 240mm.
    The platter is quite low so some Kuzma arms for instance won't fit unless you use a thicker platter mat or headshell spacers.
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    Yes as above, the Jelco is a good choice.

    We've gone on holiday by mistake !

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    Thanks for your comments

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    I had an SME III on mine and it worked well. The standard arm isn't that bad but certainly can be improved upon
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smegger68 View Post
    I had an SME III on mine and it worked well. The standard arm isn't that bad but certainly can be improved upon

    Depends on how far you want to go with the Techie.

    I had the improved standard tonearm that came on my 1210 MK5g.

    I fitted the KAB resonance cap, fluid damper, ADC Magnesium headshell and Ortofon 2M black mm.

    Certainly made a sweet sound

    As I say, depends on how far you plan to go with your Techie as in my experience the stock arm is limited.
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