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Thread: Focus Cables - Is this post moot already??

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    Default Focus Cables - Is this post moot already??

    So I prepared this review offline and came to post it and see all the discussion is on Spotwire cables now. Well I went to the trouble of writing it so you all have to bear it now.

    Please excuse the slight ramble, itís been a busy few months since I was last on the website. Iíll skip all the work and outside life / mundane side stories.

    The main thing I want to report is I got a pair of Oliverís (Bigman) Focus cables right around Christmas and they have ruined me. Whatever rust-encrusted fence wire I used to have strapped in there I canít stand to listen to anymore. Seriously, I bought a 3-m set from Oliver to connect to a new turntable that needed to be installed some distance from the rest of the system, and at first I thought well theyíre good but the sound still doesnít capture the music like the digital side of my system (turns out the problem is in my phono preamp, I think, but thatís another story). So then I thought, well let me replace the aforementioned ďcablesĒ between my preamp and the main SS amp. Holy moly. Itís just like people say, suddenly my CDs have a new life and I want to listen to them all again to hear all the ďnewĒ stuff I have been missing up to now. Space between instruments. New instruments! Voices in the background adding harmony. People shuffling their feet. I switched them back once to the turntable to listen to a few albums, but I can no longer leave them there. My system seems lifeless without them in the main path, the instruments just donít have the same clarity or musicality. I didnít expect them to make that much difference but thereís no denying it. I just canít believe how much of the music the previous cables were blocking. Wow.

    So now it appears the world has moved on to his Spotwire interconnects, which sound like another must-have. My goodness, has the man no mercy?

    As far as this review is concerned, 5 stars for Oliver's Focus cables, absolutely an outstanding bargain. If the Spotwires are anything like them and youíre at all thinking about it, get them. But have the spouse hide the mortgage payment / kidsí college funds in a safe place first.

    Well done, Oliver. Seriously.


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    I'm Oliver.


    Hi Bruce!

    Great to hear from you and I'm very pleased the FOCUS cables are still doing the job! Shame the analogue side isn't working out at the minute. I'm sure you'll get it sorted.

    Thanks for the feedback
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