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Thread: Fs. Mordaunt Short Pageant 2 loudspeakers.

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    I'm Paul.

    Default Fs. Mordaunt Short Pageant 2 loudspeakers.

    Mordaunt Short Pageant Series 2 speakers.

    Nice condition, good sound and come with hard to find original stands.

    Asking 35 collected.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Bargain! These need grabbing by somebody.

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    I'm Philip.


    Nutty price.
    Terrific speakers.
    Buggered if i’m spending over 300 on snell k, when these go for silly cheap.

    I’d have them as a second pair if they were close to Grantham.

    I treated mine to a little brown wax and new cream grille clothes.
    Now look as good as they sound.
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    I'm Tony.


    MS speakers of this era and earlier are ridiculously undervalued.

    Now is the chance to pick up a real bargain!

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    Jeez - 35 for a pair of MS Pagents? And complete with stands - you're practically giving them away!

    If I lived closer I'd have them like a shot! GLWS
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    Nano second mate...!

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    Arrgh! I drove past Worcester just over a week ago! If anyone is driving from that sort of Area to the South East I would give these speakers a very good home!

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    Sent you a PM Paul.



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    I'm Paul.


    Now SOLD.

    Many thanks for all the interest.

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