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Thread: Tannoy d300

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    Default Tannoy d300

    Any thoughts on these speakers ?
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    They should be rather nice. I've not heard them, but the driver is a close relative of the System 800 driver, which I have owned and liked a lot.

    I believe somebody here on AOS is using a set of D300's, can't recall who.

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    I have a pair of Tannoy 635 Profile speakers which are according to someone else - 'were the forerunner to the Definition D300 having a single 8 inch dual concentric driver and housed in a beautiful rosewood cabinet almost identical to D300. These speakers produce a wonderfully balanced sound.
    The 635s' are highly musical and give an accurate and enthusiastic rendition of whatever music style you choose without overstating any particular octave of sound within the soundstage. The result is a very enjoyable and polished sound that leaves you humming your tunes when you switch your hi-fi off.'
    I wouldn't disagree with that , although I sometimes use my REL sub to add an extra bit to the bass (only when the rest of the house are out ,usually !! )
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