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Thread: Hi guys!

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    I'm Luc.

    Default Hi guys!

    Evening all,

    Great forum btw.

    I couldn't begin to name the various genres that take my fancy, but as the mood takes me, it could be anything from blues to 70's Rock to reggae(!)

    Currently have a set up with B&W M1's, B&W PV1 sub and a (slowly dying) Denon amp.
    However, moving house will see a change in all that!

    Some great info on here!

    Cheers, Luc

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Luc. Welcome to AOS.

    Tells us what kind of system you're aiming to put together once you are settled in your new home.

    If you have any questions, just find the appropriate section and ask, everybody is friendly and there plenty of good advice to be had.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    I'm Martin.


    Hi Luc, welcome to the forum.

    Current Lash Up:

    Technics SLP1200 CD Player * NVA P90SA passive pre / Krell KSA50S Power amp * JM Lab Electra 926 loudspeakers *

    'This is the sort of music I'd be listening to if I was going shopping for a training bra.'

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Welcome to AoS Luc

    In what way is your Denon amp "slowly dying"? Does it just need a service, or is it a bit more fundamental than that?

    Enjoy the Forum
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