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Thread: AOS Swapshop!

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    I'm Geoff.


    Over the years I have accumulated second copies of cds (perhaps as many as 40 or so). Most of these have been gifts and I have not felt able to say I already had a copy).

    I am not really interested in spending a lot of time selling these but I might be interested in swapping batches of 5 or 10 at a time for cds I do not have. Quite a wide range in terms of music. If there is any interest I will take some photos and post on this thread. Only proviso is that the swaps have to be in excellent condition like mine.


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    I'm Paul.


    Finally another participant.

    Suppose the best thing is to list out what you have and maybe photo 5 or 10 in a pic.

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    I'm Nathan.


    What a great idea!

    I have a few things i could add too. Let me have a rummage and gather all the things i don't use.
    I'm supposed to be working at the moment so I'll list them probably Sunday now as I'm in work all day tomorrow too.

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    I'm Anto.


    I have a Project Debut Carbon in blue/Ortofon Red with a Project phono box . Probably has not done more than 10 hrs and is 2 or 3 yrs old boxed too !
    I dont use it as I prefer to change headshells on my old Fergie belt drive deck to suit different occasions so shes hardly been used !! (I am just awkward I suppose)
    I would like to consider swapping for a good DAC or RCM plus money either way
    I only ride 'em, I don't know what makes 'em work

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    I'm Anthony.


    Yeah great idea
    Got some mid to high end interconnects and mains cable love to swap for other cables
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    I'm Justin.

    Default LS50

    I have some KEF LS50 that I'm looking to trade for some Spendor-ish speakers.
    Yamaha NP-S303

    Audiolab 6000cdt + NAD D1050 dac
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    I'm gone.


    Cambridge Audio DACMagic for another DAC worth around £100 or so (money either way).
    --- actually, I don't mind putting another 1 or 2 £hundred in the pot for something more expensive.
    All packaging and rubber base for vertical mount and PSU.


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    I'm Neil.


    Quote Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
    I guess that rules out my collection of porn mags then!

    I think this is the wrong interpretation of what a ‘sticky thread’ constitutes.
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    I'm Tony.

    Default AOS Swapshop!

    Another swapsies..

    Little Dot Mk II Headphone Amp/Pre now surplus to requirements since I bought my Icon Audio amp.

    Cost me £136 on 11 June 2017
    Valve upgrade was £40

    Upgraded valve kit from Watford Valves
    2 x M8100/CV4010/EF95 Mullard
    2 x 6H6PI/6H6N Novosibirsk “NEVZ-Soyuz"

    Will also include original valves as backup.

    I’d be surprised if this has even had it’s 50 Hr ‘run in’ yet.

    Looking to swap for either a DAC like a Xiang Sheng DAC 01a or a Phono Stage like a YAQIN MS22B on the off-chance anyone has one?

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    A mainly digital setup with a musical amplifier and endearing 1970's speakers. A CD player that hardly ever gets used and a turntable that is good enough to remind my how enjoyable my old vinyl is. Some cables and things.

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    I'm Andrew.


    Brilliant idea .
    Would I be allowed to put an item on here with its £ value and simply ask “ what will you swap? “ for it/them ? ....I mean not just bits & bobs

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