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Thread: First time here

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    I'm Dean.

    Default First time here

    Hi everyone, just a small post to tell you about myself and my hi fi systems, Iíve loved this expensive habit for last 20 years or so, and have had so many systems and different components over that time ranging from some quad and meridian gear to Ear , B&W , keg etc, I once sold a pair of keg 105.2 for £50 About 15 yrs ago because I never really knew what they were and the wife said they were ugly 😫.
    Iím not an expert or afficionado , I just enjoy it as my hobby, Iím 50 this year and donít go out as much so justify spending my money on gear instead, love picking up bargains, am starting to get into vintage gear now, and I also love my home cinema gear,

    My current audio components are varied
    Sony la scala system,
    Leak stereo30+, leak fm tuner, leak truspeed turntable, leak sandwich 300 speakers, all recent buys, Sansui a101,pioneer elite a77x amp, arcam avr 350 ( better in stereo than youíd think) Really otel rsx 1055,couple of lexicon processors mc1 v4 and dc1 v4,
    Pioneer lx50
    AE evo3 , benchmark bm1 speakers, mission 702, tangent clarity4,
    Sony 761 cdplayer, van den hull cables.

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    I'm Jerry.


    Hi Dean and welcome to the forum.

    With all that vintage gear I think you will fit in well here!

    Qobuz 16/44 streaming, Topping D30 DAC with lpsu, Herron VTSP-2 valve preamp, Trigon TRE 50M monoblocks, MBL 116F speakers.

    Cables: Wireworld Starlight USB, Ixos Ixotica i/c, W&M speaker cables, Belden 19364 mains cables

    Headphones: Fostex TH600, Audeze EL-8, Wharfedale Isodynamic, Philips Fidelio X2
    Headphone amp: Rotel RX-603

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Dean. Welcome to AOS.

    Yes, you did sell your KEF's a bit cheaply, I think we've all owned gear and regretted parting with it.

    I see you like vintage equipment, it's popular here so you'll be in good company.

    There's plenty to get involved with here, so just join in. Everybody is friendly.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    I'm Rob.


    Hi Dean, not to be confused with Dan from Bournemouth (a member here) If you go the route of Dan you will fill your house with kit faster than a very fast thing Look forward to seeing further posts. Some pics would be good.
    Buy Bose...And get your parking validated!.

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Welcome to AoS Dean,

    Always good to have another member join who like vintage gear.

    Enjoy the Forum
    Have you listened to this month's choice in the Album Club?


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