I'm a little speechless at this latest chapter from the 'Chronicles of Tom'. I have to say that in appearance neither arm floats my boat, but I'm just so used to straight armed 12 inchers, I 'spose. Having said that, the Timestep one is a genuinely higher mass one (like the Glanz), and is so obviously suited to Miyajimas, the SPU and presumably, Koetsus. Not sure how that arm-rest works, though. The Ikeda arm looks to have a simple but effective clip like my PU7, but the Timestep one looks like a big black peg ! Your pic. without it suggests that it's removable, which is odd.

Presumably the arm only comes with detachable head-shell, Tom and I wonder what other mounts are available. I have to say that the price is pretty good for that performance and may reflect the fact that it's made in Europe rather than Japan. I assume that the wiring is two piece, as in SME, but wonder what kind of coupling connector is used.

Look forward to more investigative audio journalism, Tom; great stuff !