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Thread: Earlug Crap !!

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    I'm Mike.

    Default Earlug Crap !!

    Why were we gifted with earwax!!
    My hearing's not the best on a good day but the last week listening to hifi has been a complete waste of time.
    Resorted to olive oil ear drops this evening in anticipation of a visit to the nurse for a scrape out.

    Anyone know of any other remedies or substances that work for regular maintenance?

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    I'm Svend.


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    I'm Mike.


    Your elbow ?

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    Follow the procedure 55 seconds in


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    I'm Mike.


    Thanks for all the very useful suggestions chaps - will definitely try them

    .. keep 'em coming

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    I'm Mark.


    Hopi candles - may as well singe that thatch growing inside your lugs while you're at it!

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    I'm Steve.


    Thanks for the tip Mark, it worked a treat -it did both ears at the same time! Left me with a bit of a headache though.

    Oh wait, the label says 'roman candle'. Came in a box with another hopi candle called 'depth charge'. Might try that one next time
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    I had problems with earwax for a while. The cure for me was to stop using cotton buds to clean my ears. It turned out, all they were doing was compressing wax into the deepest part of my ear. Since I've stopped using them, and just let nature do its job, my earwax problems have gone away.
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    A couple of these fellows should sort you out! Not sure they stop eating when the wax is gone though!



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    should we get our ears washed out then? I use cotton buds but do we need to go swimming and stuff to give our outer ears a good swilling out?

    I might go and get my ears checked. I dont like going to the doctor though

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