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Thread: Tannoy system speakers

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    Default Tannoy system speakers

    What the general thoughts on the tannoy system range do they benefit from being put into larger boxes if so are there plans readily avalible, how do they compare to the older hpd drivers, thanks in advance.
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    The system 10 that I owned were great. Vocals had that live, in the room feeling. Crank the volume up and they would go disco loud but were also lovely at very low levels.

    The boxes were very well made with lots of attention to detail regarding cabinet resonances.

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    Tannoys are very popular here, with vintage 'classic' models tending to rule.

    On the end of the right system they are quite amazing. They do have a tonality that the occasional person does not like (as with any speaker), but I personally find the sound my idea of heaven.

    If buying separate drivers, the accepted rule with cabinets is 'the bigger the better' (within sensible limits). Make sure they come with the correct original crossovers, there are some dodgy aftermarket items about. Also, be careful which drivers you get. Even Tannoy turned out some duds now and then.

    All the HPD's and Golds are worth having (apart from the IIILZ in my view).

    If you are not familiar with Tannoys, I'd strongly suggest discussing any prospective purchases here first, as there can be expensive pitfalls.

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    The System/DMT range of drivers feature the Tulip Waveguide, they also feature vented gap cooling, open baskets, flux modulation rings, ferrofluid cooling and rather simple crossovers-as they follow the 'get the driver right' design philosophy and have very very good DMT enclosures.
    They lack some of the 'character' of the vintage units though they are more alike than different, being coincident, horn loaded treble etc. Some prefer the different set of compromises and System 15's for example are rare as hens teeth as people tend to hang on to them.
    System 15 is 150L, Arden Legacy(system derived unit) is 175L, any bigger than the 220L GRF is pointless.
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    been playing some of firebottle`s monoblocks through the tannoy eaton legacy today to good effect
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    Ive always enjoyed big Tannoys whenever I've had the opportunity to hear them, at speedy Steve's, Doms and Scalford. A friend bought DC6 signatures and they surprised me how good they were on a brief listen.
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    I have some System 600 and I'm very happy with them.

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    Hello Joe, what's the reason for the name Cyrus?

    Ignore that I see from your first post you have Cyrus 2, I have a pair of Tannoy Cheviots, currently hooked up to a Pioneer receiver but they are normally hooked up to a Quad 405/33 combo, I have been thinking to replace the lot with a Cyrus One (The new one), but then I will need a DAC, so also considering the Quad Vena but prefer the look of the Cyrus and the extra power.

    Having said all of that I have just bought a house so I am broke.......

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    I'm happy with the Tannoys through the Cyrus kit. It's a nice balance. I like the idea of an external DAC - I prefer having external everything for box swappings sake!

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    I am sure the Cyrus with an external dac will sound good, but to a degree I am trying to make my system as minimal as possible, hence why I don't want all the wires associated with the Quad that I already own, really would have preferred one box for the lot.

    So my entire system would have been Xbox One X, amp (Preferred without a dac, but the looks of the Cyrus One and extra power over the Vena is appealing), 65inch 4k Panasonic and the Tannoy's, but I suppose by the time you add in external hard drives, small network switch and all the power cables, one more box wont be the too much trouble especially if I can hide everything.

    Sorry if this is going off topic.

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