the little audio company may be coming up to start its seventh year, but one area we have lacked is vinyl replay. We’ve been wanting to be careful about what we take on, and we didn’t just want to snap up any turntable and cartridge brand we can get our hands on. We want to keep it simple and focused.

The first of our vinyl replay announcements is for Nagaoka cartridges. Nagaoka have been a favourite for audiophiles for many decades, producing a range of cartridges based around their Moving Perm-alloy design - using two magnetised, lightweight perm-alloy pieces of metal instead of heavy magnets, giving the stylus more freedom to track the record groove more accurately.

Get in touch to arrange an audition - we can quickly and easily demonstrate the difference between the MP100, MP110, and MP150 quickly and easily by swapping out the headshell