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Thread: Dual 1019

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    Default Dual 1019

    I recently bought a lightly used OEM stylus for my Stanton 681 and discovered that it doesn't like the Audio-Technica tonearm on my main turntable (no surprises here, the AT is way too heavy for this cartridge). Then I remembered that I have an old Dual 1019 stashed somewhere in the storage closet and dug it up. Well guess what, its short and fat tonearm seems to be a perfect match for the Stanton. It probably isn't exactly "hi-fi", but it sounds very punchy and the transients are excellent. Snare drums are incredibly lifelike.

    There are some problems with this Dual: its cueing lever is somewhat touchy and the idler wheel makes a "wheezy" sound (it's definitely the idler wheel, the motor itself rotates silently), but overall this thing is built like a tank.

    I have also forgotten how nice it is to have a turntable that shuts itself off when it finishes playing a side!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shovel_Knight View Post
    It probably isn't exactly "hi-fi"...
    Oh it is. It might not look it, but it is

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    The Dual is an extremely under rated machine. It's a sleeper.
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    Yes, its sound quality is very appealing.

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    I spent the morning comparing the Dual (with Stanton 681 cartridge) to my main TT (modded Technics SL-110 with Phonomac-modified Audio-Technica AT-1503-II and rebodied Shure SC35C). Rest of my system: DIY phono preamp with adjustable capacitive and resistive loading, Meridian 551 integrated amplifier, Usher S-520 standmount speakers.

    I listened to a range of records, from a collection of Purcell’s sacred music to Bellini’s Norma (with Maria Callas, conducted by Tullio Serafin) to Led Zeppelin II.

    The Techie sounds very neutral, precise and detailed, on classical and operatic pieces it’s much easier to pick out individual voices and instruments. However, when it came to jazz and especially rock, the Dual just sounds more engaging and more fun. It was very obvious on Led Zep’s Whole Lotta Love, which simply rocked on the Technics and rocked really hard on the Dual.

    I understand that this is an apples to oranges comparison: the turntables couldn’t be more different, the tonearms are very different and the cartridges are also different (that said, SC35C is not a good match for the Dual and Stanton 681 is way too compliant for the AT arm on the Technics, so using the same cart was not an option).

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    Some say the 1019 is the best Dual of all.

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    The Dual 1019 is the quietest rim drive turntable that I've come across. Brilliant machine, just works.

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    Totl of the dual range in 1969. The platter is I believe as heavy as the Lenco L75.
    A real sleeper indeed, only issue is the hardening grease and the quite complex automatic system, totally mechanical. Once given the proper maintenance, you have a very reliable and silent TT.

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    Miss my old one.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by dantheman91 View Post
    Miss my old one.....
    Yep, me too.

    Mine was a minter and went to @montesquieu of this very parish, I seem to recall.
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