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Thread: Compatibility of a sub woofer with a valve power & pre-amp

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    Default Compatibility of a sub woofer with a valve power & pre-amp

    Does anyone already have a sub in their valve system and found it to be an improvement ?

    I am toying with the idea of trying one but;

    a) Not sure if it would add anything to the overall sound.
    b) Would it be compatible with a Leak Stereo 20 and Croft Pre-amp.

    My reason for trying this is quite complicated and I won't go into everything (it'll halt you in your tracks due to boredom) but in simple terms I have a decent pair of B&W DM2 speakers and want more bass.

    I'd love to try some decent Tannoys but budget dictates otherwise.

    The DM2 have just been in for an inspection/service. The upshot is that, for my hearing, the higher/mid frequencies are quite forward and mask the bass. Others find the overall sound fine. A sub woofer was suggested as a worthwhile experiment to see if that would produce some of the lower frequencies I am struggling to 'get'.

    From a cursory search on-line all that I find are references to modern day amps being connected to subs and/or that the main speakers cross-overs are over-ridden by the circuitry in the sub. Of course this is just my interpretation of what I've read and may not necessarily be correct.

    Therefore hoping to pick your collective brains to see what has already been done (or not).


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    The best subs are active in that they have their own amplification built into them. The most common way of connecting them is to run leads from the outputs of the power amp (where the speakers are connected) - the speakers remain connected as normal, the sub is just added extra.

    I’ve owned quite a large REL sub for many years and it has worked very well in two systems.

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    Plus one for a REL they are superb subs. They don't interfere with the signal to the main speakers.

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    Thanks Gents, encouraging comments there.

    The REL 'Quake' is one unit I had in mind as a possible solution, the other being the BK electronics 200 types (not sure of all the fancy prefixes to the number).
    Didn't realise I could piggy back connectors off my main speaker leads. Perhaps better to use spade connectors on the sub leads rather than multiple stacked crocodiles.

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    Subs tend to be quite flexible as you can adjust volume, XO frequency and phase and the output is omnidirectional, so even if you dont have it between your speakers it will still work well. Can be a bit tricky to set up properly though.

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