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Thread: Crackle on balance centre knob... Help???

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    I'm Jon.

    Default Crackle on balance centre knob... Help???

    Apologies, but I am unrepentantly looking for some thoughts from the wise hifi viziers on this forum...

    My Pioneer SA-5000 has distortion and crackle only on the centrepoint of its balance knob. Obviously where I usually plonk it!?

    Is this a biggy? I love my hifi, vinyl, and music but as they say up here in the North “I divn’t naah owt...” about the technical goings on inside the machinery.. 😮

    Any ideas/thoughts gratefully received.

    JP 👍

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    I'm Geoff.


    It's probably a bit of dirt on the track inside the control potentiometer. If it was me, I'd buy a decent quality switch cleaner aerosol and give it a squirt from inside the case, then work the control back and forth a few times. That may sort it.

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    I'm Jon.


    Simple as ��... Will get down to my local supplier of such wonderful squirty things and give that a go. Dirty knobs, don’t you hate them ��

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    Definitely try the contact cleaner before considering anything more drastic.
    I recently sorted the controls on a mates Rotel amp from the late 70's.
    I thought the crackly Volume control might be knackered, but a few squirts of said cleaner had it working smooth and silent.
    Had the can a while, got it from Maplins, but that door just closed.
    Probably get some off the web.

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    Deoxit D5 is the best cleaner Lube ive used, its not cheap but works very well and is a long lasting fix


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    I'm Jon.


    Thanks one and all for the thoughts on this will defo hint out some of that squirty saviour juice...

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