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    I'm David.

    Default hello

    Hello all, I need to introduce myself

    Dave, I live in Twickenham SW London

    My music interests cover late 50s 60s "mod" sounds a smattering of 70s rock then anything my parents didn't like from 1977 onwards.
    in late teens i dallied with House music and Rap.. but soon turned back to my guitar pop rock punk and new wave orientated stuff.
    Everley Brothers Fats domino Little Richard who small faces yardbirds prince buster/blubeat twotone/madness blondie /police smiths Jam clash supergrass blur black keys erm anything really currently listening to jamie T sleaford Mods and Half Man Half biscuit.

    Stuff that may be Hi Fi. I don't know i like it but i don't get to listen to anyone elses....

    Garrard 401 with Rega 250/techno weight VTA adjuster goldring 1000
    WAD Pre/power/Phono II
    WAD KIT 6550 running Shuguang KT88s Mullard EF86 and big russian diodes
    CD is a 90s Yamaha with a Chinese Ebay DAC hanging off the back

    recent purchases prompted by reading this board Sonotone 9TAHC to try in a garrard 4HF
    Philips Super P GP390 for my 401/rega set up

    floating project stuff Nikko TRM500 Nikko FAM500 Sansui valve tuner. Thorens TD150 2.5 Garrard 4HF and in the loft Mordaunt short Festival II and some stands

    I listen to digital music but only in the car although we have a zeppelin Air and a sonos that the kids and my wife make use off. I also use Kodi to stream music through the TV surrond sound on occasion


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    I'm Geoff.


    Hi Dave. Welcome to AOS.

    That's an interesting collection of Hi-Fi bits you have there. I used to be quite fond of Nikko and Thorens equipment.

    You'll find vintage gear is popular with members, so you'll be in good comapny.

    Feel free to get involved and chat with everybody, it's a friendly place.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Welcome to AoS Dave.

    Nice introduction. Interesting mixture of gear you use there.

    Apologies for the tardy welcome

    Enjoy the Forum
    Have you listened to this month's choice in the Album Club?


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