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Thread: Cleaning vinyl the wood glue way - hooray!

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    To make removal easier, place a small tab of polyester film on the outside edge of the glue/LP before it sets - gives something to pull on when removing the dried glue (otherwise you could damage the vinyl trying start the "pull").
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    I have a pair of Knosti's (there's a joke in there somewhere) one for a wash and the other for a rinse. Quite cheap and available occasionally, used. This works ok insomuch as I always get an improved record. I can't justify the cash for a proper machine either so when the above doesn't work I revert to PVA Glue or, if I get a charity shop duffer i try glue 1st then the Knosti. But, yes, spread it evenly and thick; add at least 4 plastic tabs to the edge. Multiple tabs help manage the risk of tear-offs and help get the film off evenly. However, for me, the process generates a lot of static so I use an anti-static gun I've had since the mid-70's to zap it. Then I use clean inners (Nagaoka).

    regards, richard

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