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Thread: NME dead and buried

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    Liked it as a teenager, but these days it's Mojo


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    Quote Originally Posted by User211 View Post
    Ah OK didn't follow the link just assumed it was gone entirely from the OP text.

    I'm actually quite pleased it still lives, even after the above remark.
    Sorry for not being clearer. I confess my post shows my prejudice that when it comes to music and related stuff I struggle to regard things that aren't physically tangible as existing (that's not meant to spark another record v digital debate by the way).

    My point was really that NME left us some time ago and this week is a formality. It's like the band that no longer has any original members - I looked at the website yesterday and the top half of the home page was dominated by films and TV, not music.

    So to me it's as gone as when MK Dons tried to tell us that Wimbledon FC lives on


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    I bought it in my later teens and it was always the the one I bought rather than sounds or melody maker which I thought were just not trendy man

    Im trying to think what I really got out of it apart from the odd main feature. I did plaster my wall with clippings and ads at one point and it was cheap enough to afford on a semi regular basis.

    I base this on the general trend that I havent bought a magazine or weekly issue in ages. One thing to go for me has been print apart from some good books.

    The internet must be one reason and obviously they didnt have a big enough market in paper print anymore. It does feel like the end of an era though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Macca View Post
    It was always a good guide. If they liked it, I avoided it. If they hated it, I would check it out. It was pretty much infallible.
    Rather like my approach to the film reviews in Time Out.
    Have you listened to this month's choice in the Album Club?


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