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Thread: Getting back into vinyl - advice needed

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    Well I finally connected my old Roksan Xerxes up to my Audiovector actives today, after I received an adapter I needed to convert RCA into a 3.5mm connector. To my relief my vinyl sounded really good, albeit a bit crackly after being used to Tidal streaming. I was really happy with my digital front end (SOTM sms-200 ultra and Mutec MC3 USB) which retails for over £2k, but it is beaten by my deck. Digital is clearer and more precise where as vinyl has more body, authority and warmth.

    So I'm scrapping my idea of selling off all my vinyl and am now looking for a lightly used second hand cartridge for between £130-200ish, which I'm sure will elevate my vinyl even further! I'm looking forward to discovering all my old vinyl of music that isn't available on Tidal.

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    Nice one.
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    Budget also for a wet vacuum record cleaning machine. You'll find it the best value for money upgrade for any record playing system. A cheap Moth, Okki Nokki, Project etc will do absolutely fine. Cleaning fluid works out very cheap - (all proportions by volume) 20-25% isopropyl alcohol, 75-80% distilled water, 5 ml per litre of fluid of photographic wetting agent (e.g. Kodak Photoflo, Ilford Ilfotol). 1 L will clean 150 records.

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    but it is beaten by my deck. Digital is clearer and more precise where as vinyl has more body, authority and warmth.

    Woo Hoo another one saved from digital disappointment
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    It sounds like you’ve got a plan! Happy to hear it has worked out so well for you. And I second the idea of getting a second hand record cleaning machine, it made the largest leap of difference in my vinyl playback. I hesitated for 20 years, they are pricey, but now cannot live without one. It will clean up the Pops and ticks closer to digital cleanliness.


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