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Thread: Aligning speakers the easy way

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    Default Aligning speakers the easy way

    In the past, I have aligned speakers to my sitting position by angling them a tiny bit at a time until I had the desired effect to suit my notion of imaging etc. However, when SWMBO vacuums the room, she moves my speakers, so the process repeats itself ad infinitum. Quite frustrating.

    To get within 95% of my preferred listening angle scientifically, I came upon the idea of using a laser presentation pointer. I blu tak the pointer on the middle top of my speaker cabinet, put a piece of paper on the top of my listening chair/couch and note the laser position. Repeat for the other speaker until they are both on the same spot or the amount of cross axis. I can now physically adjust the speakers by small increments in a matter of seconds to fine tune the image.

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    She moves the speakers?
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    If my good lady tried moving mine she would end up in a wheel chair....they weigh a bloody ton!

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    I have stand mounted speakers

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    Why don't you just buy another hoover and get your wife and another female - maybe a daughter or a mistress if you have an open relationship - to vacuum the room at the same time ?

    I would suggest sitting down in your normal listening position and putting on one of your most loved LPs and then when they get to the point they clean up around the speakers, simply ask them to stop for a second, turn off their machines and then tilt/angle/manoeuvre each speaker simultaneously until you are completely happy with the sound.
    Then use your laser to mark it so you don't lose the position, turn off the hifi, turn on the hoovers, get your coat and run like hell ..
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    too funny

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    My Mrs is not allowed to hoover the mancave
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