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Thread: WTD: SS Integrated Amplifier c. 1k

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex A View Post
    The speakers are B&W Signature 805s. I've owned them for 12 years and used them with many amps from 300B SE through to a Krell KSA-150. They can work well either way, but they're now situated in a larger room and I want something closer to the Krell end of that spectrum (within budget and space constraints). Of course it's not just about Watts, but that helps filter out the less muscular options.

    I'm sure the Pulse is superb, but a 'standard' power entry/mid level Class A/B design doesn't really appeal.
    Does it have to be an integrated? I have had B&W 805N's for 6 or 7 years and after quite a few amplifiers am currently using a Croft pre with an Avondale ZAP 250 and they sound amazing, the bass from standmounts is impressively deep!

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    Default Supernait

    Hi just got my supernait back from Naim service may consider selling as may upgrade to Naim pre/power offers welcome thanks

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    have you had the supernait 2 , my word its good . using one with the frugalhorns xl and its a fabulous match . i have never had a naim amp and my its a cracker

    i believe they took out the dac section from the original supernait and they have certainly done a good job
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    Sorted with a SuperNait, thanks.

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