Hi guys, I don't know if I'm going about this this in the correct way so mods please advise.

A chap who wants to buy my Avalon Ascendant speakers needs to sell his amps first. He isn't a member of any forums so I offered to help out by making people aware of their avaiability. Here's how he described them;

"Of course if you are aware of anyone that would be interested in a Conrad Johnson Premier 16LS and a Conrad Johnson Premier 140 then please let me know. I have owned both from new (I need to dig out the paperwork), and they are in excellent condition. I would estimate the valves are somewhere between 2/3 and 1/2 of their life left. The power amp is currently fitted with KT120s. Id be looking a 3,250 each or 6,000 for the pair, thats less than the original purchase price of either of the units. They were between 7k & 8k each. Auditions welcome here in Hampshire. They have had limited use in total and for approx 5 years of their life have been stored at a friends whilst I moved from place to place. I have the original boxes, although one is more than a little worse for wear unfortunately."

When he sends some photos then I will post on the forum in the classifieds if this is allowed.
I don't know the guy personally but he has been very polite & respectfull in his emails to me so I have no reason to doubt his character. He lives between Southampton & Winchester.

Obviously I'm doing this to help with the sale of my speakers so I will try my best to answer any questions.
If these hold any interest to any members I'd love to hear from you.