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Thread: How Long Has Your Journey Been - Are You There Yet ?

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    I'm givingyouaprettygoodclue.


    For most of my journey since the late 70s my focus has been on the music, and so even though I was interested in hi-fi and read all the magazines of the day I lived with a budget system covering record and CD until about ten years ago.

    After a period of researching, box-swapping, tweaking and all the rest I seem to have got "there" about two years ago. In part this is because I'm now at least satisfied, and occasionally quite thrilled, with the sound. I think the moment came when I got a Townshend Rock + Heed Orbit which lifted my vinyl into the same division as my CD (Karik + Numerik). In part it's also because I've realised that in spite of music having been my main leisure interest for over four decades I, and I suspect many of us, are really only scratching the surface of what's available in the world and so that's where I should be spending my time and cash again - more records and CDs !

    Nowadays I research music by listening to internet radio stations which cover musical genres that I thought I knew a lot about, yet I can go five hours at a stretch without hearing something that I know - it's fabulous.


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    I'm Lawrence.


    I started in 1990 at the age of 17 when I got my first separate, a Kenwood CD player. Manders HiFi in Grimsby kindly lent me 2 models to see which I preferred. One was 4 times oversampling and had 10 random track selection buttons and the other was 8 times and had 20. As it was being played through a cheap Aiwa midi system there was no difference in sound, but of course I wanted the 20 buttons! This was followed by a second hand Pioneer amp and a pair of JBL XE2 speakers that won a demo back at Manders and I was up and running! Following that I would buy a new piece of kit every few years from Richer Sounds until ebay really kicked off. I've had hundreds of things come and go since then, and had my ups and downs, but the direction of travel has always been upwards.

    Anyway I think I might finally be there at last. The pieces have slowly been coming together over the last couple of years, an ice power class d amp, django tvc (similar to music first) and very recently some good dacs and BKS 128 ribbon hybrid speakers. It was almost there except the bass from the rear ports was slightly waffly and there was a slight feeling of a gap in the middle. I put this down to the vagaries of the room and thought I could live with it, but I did find myself using my headphone setup more than previously. I was starting to come round to the idea that I would have to change the amplification or speakers but then my tri vista dac finally got repaired after sitting in a box for over a year and suddenly it all came together early days but it is the sound I've been after (given the limitations of the room). Didn't think a dac could sort those problems out so quite a surprise. I might be a bit less active on the classifieds, at least that's the plan. Just need that spdif to USB convertor and I'm done! Then there's trying a few cables... maybe some isolation... Oh well we'll see!

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    I'm Sandro.


    And a record player for analogue bliss Yes ?

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    I'm David.


    My Uncles' system started me off back in '74. Leak ,Thorens and a diet of Clapton, Cream, The Who Live At Leeds, Hendrix, Elton John etc etc and here we are 44 years later (Blink of an eye). My first album purchase was 'Not Fragile' Bachman, Turner Overdrive with the embosed gatefold sleve. Happy days. HiFi has moved on a bit for me since then. Can't be arsed with the constant fettling and cleaning of vinyl, though I do understand the nostalgia and that the 'faff' appeals to some. These days my source is a less than romantic FLAC storage device, but I can listen endlessly without disturbing the flow of red wine just swiping the tablet for the next track or album. The system I have now is by far the best I've had and if the mood takes me I can still tinker with it. I don't think this 'journey' is ever done, but for me that is part of the joy. Discovering that new thingamybob which gives the improvement that 'I think' I can hear.......and on.......and on......
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    I'm Mark.


    For me there are two quite different aspects to this audio ‘thing’. One is the enjoyment of music but the other is the ‘hobby’ element. I’ve been heavily involved in the enjoyment of both for forty years or so and for the last few years (perhaps ten) I’ve basically been fine with my system in that I can easily listen to music without ‘audio niggles’ spoiling the experience. That doesn’t mean the ‘journey’ is over though, it probably never will be for me, I’m always interested in potential improvements whilst simultaneously being quite happy with what I have .

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