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Thread: Hi from Kent!

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    I'm John.

    Default Hi from Kent!


    I'm John and a newbie here.

    My hifi history is a bit patchy and sketchy. I have always had a system but nothing too weird and wonderful. My first proper foray, I think, kicked off with a Sansui (not sure what!) then onto an Arcam Delta based system with a Rega deck (I still have that integrated amp and it remains good for it's vintage). I think I then had an Audiolab 3000 based set up. It was a while ago so if the chronology is wrong excuse me.

    15 years ago I climbed on the Naim escalator and after many years of upgraditis I ended up with a Naim 300DR, 252, NDS, 555DR PS and Supercap DR.

    I have also owned Wharfdale, JBL, Naim Ariva, Spendor D7 and Fact 8s speakers. The Spendors were great but I found the Fact 8s a bit aggressive in my system and room. I now own B&W 804 D3s.

    I have recently made the decision to move on from Naim and explore pastures new.

    I'm also an amateur musician with a modest home studio. I play guitar and keyboards and record, mix and generally mess around with covers and some home grown songs. My interest in music goes back many years. When I was a lad I was amazed by Hendrix and became fanatical about his life and music. Sadly I never saw him live. I have very broad musical tastes nowadays but have always kept up my interest in rock, progressive and slightly more esoteric rock. I'm also a fan of Zappa. Recently I have re-visited prog rock via Steven Wilson and other contemporary artists.

    Over the years my musical tastes have broadened and I now enjoy anything and everything, provided it is well written, well played and well mixed.

    Well that's me.

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    I'm I'mteachingmarcotheartofpishanto.


    Hi John

    Welcome along . Looks like you have had some super kit

    Enjoy the forum

    Music , fills the gaps between silence !

    TAT Sale post Leader " Marcos Mentor "

    Also a pishanto specialist confirmed by Head Daftee

    Real name " Allen " or "Zoomer Nut”, “Numpty Napper”.


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    I'm Manny.


    A warm welcome to AoS

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello John. Welcome to AOS.

    Sounds as though you've had fun with your Hi-Fi journey over the years.

    Tell us what your ideas are for your new system line up.

    Feel free to join in the chat, everybody is friendly.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    I'm Josie.


    Welcome to AOS, John..

    Good move to move away from Naim IMO.

    I'm sure you will find something here to interest yoy.


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