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Thread: Are You A Hoarder?

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    I'm Rodger.


    I Do Not Have A Problem, 'Some' of the vintage Amplication Off of the top of my head.

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    I'm Martin.


    yes having loads of hi-fi equipment isn't hoarding. neither is having loads of records or books.

    Hoarding used to mean you were keeping stocks of petrol or something, like in wartime when there was rationing.

    Now it seems to mean those people who can't throw anything away. But they seem to me to be distinct from people who just can't be arsed to tidy up, like my pal.

    However if they are hoarding complete rubbish, which some do, it can be hard to ascertain the difference between them at first glance.

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    I agree with the comments about hating rooms decorated in a 'minimalist' style, which in reality just look too forensic and cold, ably evidenced by some of the system pics posted on forums, where the rooms are so empty it appears as if the pictures were taken not long after the house was burgled!

    So I don't sign up to that, nor do I to the opposite, as I simply couldn't live in a tip, but I do like my favourite possessions around me, and for the house to look cosy and 'lived in'. However it needs to be clean (not forensically so), but so that there's no visible dirt or dust around, and I spend around 2 hours a day, whilst listening to music, cleaning the house to that effect - particularly our new kitchen, which I'm determined to keep looking nice!

    The two rooms I keep the cleanest are the bathroom and kitchen, as I can't abide those areas being dirty, not simply for health reasons, but I just wouldn't feel comfortable living in a house with a visibly dirty kitchen or bathroom - and to an extent I keep the lounge the same way, although that can sometimes get cluttered, as we like out antiques and collectible 'bits and pieces', which our old lodge lends itself to.

    Fortunately I have a dedicated room for the main hi-fi system (and all my CDs and records, which combined amount to around 7000 albums), so that tends to house all the clutter, keeping the rest of the house reasonably tidy. I also like to keep my wine and drinks collection tidy and organised, which currently amounts to just over 200 bottles, not including various aperitifs and spirits.

    So am I a hoarder? Not really... I do have a fair amount of 'stuff', but it's kept reasonably tidy in its appropriate areas, and I'm not averse to getting rid of things when necessary. Del's probably more of a hoarder than me!


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    I suppose i'm a bit of a mixture as I do have a lot of hi-fi equipment (24 turntables, 13 pairs of speakers, god knows how many amplifiers etc.) but I cannot abide a mess. I like the house tidy and I like everything in it proper place. Mrs B. tends to drape her clothes over the stair bannister or on the end of our bed when she comes in from work and gets changed - does my nut in!!

    I also like to keep the house clean, although that's mainly due to my eczema. When I was last allergy tested, I was told that I had one of the highest scores for allergy to house dust that their lab had ever seen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by walpurgis View Post
    Do you really care? I don't give a bugger what anybody thinks and I've got loads of excess and not just Hi-Fi.
    Well I realised I do because you can see them tighten their shoulders or look plain uncomfortable. My father just lays in like he doesnt understand the need for any more than a couple of cds or a handful of books.

    They all have similar sized rooms to mine but taking my shelves out wouldnt free up the room to start a dance studio. Two target style racks of hifi and one with games consoles on seems to overwhelm some people.

    I look over at my book shelves and I wouldnt get rid of any of them. There a very good reference books together with fiction. This is why I find it hard to understand people who seem to think a few things is enough.

    I dont collect rubbish and I enjoy throwing many things away. If I really dont like something out it goes.

    I dont want everything in this world but there is plenty of nice stuff about. Maybe I am too attached to stuff but Im not trapped by it.

    I am nowhere near the extremes but feel judged by the minimalist brigade so yes it has been bothering me. I might put doors up on the shelves to hide it more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beobloke View Post
    I suppose i'm a bit of a mixture as I do have a lot of hi-fi equipment (24 turntables, 13 pairs of speakers, god knows how many amplifiers etc.)
    You should give us some subjective reviews of what you have Adam, I'm sure you have some good classic and vintage gear. Could be interesting. But maybe you've had enough of reviewing .

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    I'm Neil.

    Default Are You A Hoarder?

    Music collections donít count as hoarding, nor do books, movies or any media. Now, if you have 10x amps and 10x DACs, and only use 1 of each, you could be accused of being a hoarder. :P
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    YOU MAY BE A HOARDER IF ........

    a) You feel antagonism towards those with space in their garage for a car, or even a bicycle.

    b) You spend a lot of your time explaining the difference between collecting and hoarding.

    c) You cannot recall the colour or pattern of the carpet in your spare room, or even if it is carpeted.

    d) You cannot list all the hifi and audiovisual equipment you own on both sides of an A4 page (in Arial 10 font, no cheating!).

    e) You fidget uncomfortably when you hear the word "minimalism" and worry that a twitch may be developing.

    f) Your movements though your spare room resemble those of Maxwell Smart trying to avoid laser defences.

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    I'm Geoff.


    My carpet has no pattern. And I can see small bits of it! So there!!

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    I'm Grant.


    currently cant move through spare room, but its improving.
    Grant ....

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