Hi Everyone,

This is just a quick one to say that we now have the amazing Sony VW760ES 4K HDR Laser Projector on permanent demo.

Up until recently I have always run JVC Projectors in the shop and at home but their reluctance to offer affordable 4K Native Projectors made me switch to Sony who are really leading the way in this area and I have to say I have no regrets moving over to Sony.

I will say though that with the rise of big 4K OLED TVís and their ability to show how dramatic HDR content can be, which can be a bit of an achilles heel for projection, for the first time ever I have been leaning towards watching films on a 65″ OLED and although I was really missing that big screen experience it was the stunning quality of the picture that seemed worth the size decrease sacrifice.

Well, that was until Sony bought in their new VW760ES Laser Projector a couple of weeks ago to show us, talk about stunning, it really is quite shocking how good the projected image is from this Projector, amazing contrast, great black levels but it is hard to put into words just how immersive this picture is, Wendy commented that you really feel like you can walk into the scene being shown, almost like 3D without 3D glasses.

So I just couldnít resist and ordered one for demo, at £14,999 this really isnít cheap and before I have always been content at the £5000 price point for a PJ but once I had seen this I just couldnít go back and to be fair for a Laser Projector this is actually very good value, especially when you consider that the JVC Laser equivalent is £20,000 more expensive at £34,999, no wonder Sony canít keep up with the demand at the moment.

So needless to say if youíd like to come in to see state of the art projection in our Atmos cinema room please feel free to get in touch to make an appointment.

At the moment we have the 3 Sony Projectors on demo giving a good representation of the range with the VW260ES at £5199, the VW550ES at £9899 and this VW760ES at £14999, all 4K HDR but for me if you can stretch to the 760ES you really wonít be disappointed.


Many thanks,