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Thread: From the Art of Learning to the Art of Sound..............We Hope.

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    I'm Bydand.

    Default From the Art of Learning to the Art of Sound..............We Hope.

    Good Day All,

    Primarily I am here to learn and understand where and how to move onto, upto, into the next Audio step, level, area. Or just give it up as a bad job and solider on.

    I can only imagine these will be relatively small steps, since I had to call on the help of Mr Google, in order to be able to answering the first registration (are you really an idiot) questions, well two questions, since a failed the first one too many times.

    Whats wrong with calling it a record player?

    If I had the simile with the evolution of man, over time I would insert it here, the crouched ape like Neanderthal rising to the the upright, straight walking, cell touting, headphone wearing, Bart Simpson. But I don,t.

    What I have, and had since the beginning of time, in order to listen too CDs, (I now know what CD means now, so life is a learning experience, a Clue to those about to join) and FM radio.

    Is the following

    Since yr.2000 (18 years and still going strong.)

    Harman Kardon FL 8330 5xCD Multi Player. drive belt replaced 3 times over 16 years.
    Harman Kardon AVR15 Amp tuner FM/MW 2001
    Mission speakers 700 somethings.
    Also a Arcam Alpha 5+ amp, before I bought the AVR 15 amp/ tuner. So basically a spare.

    Recently replaced the HK multi CD player with another Multi player, a Yamaha CD-C 600 since 2016, HK Belt broke again and the CD-600
    I pod classic and head phones. which I can also play through the Yamaha USB port.

    I have a CD collection 200+, and 10K plus tracks on I-tunes on the I pod. I enjoy Classical, rock, pop, easy listening 60,70,90,s, and the 00,s. (Missing out the 80,s)

    I have little or No interest in TV, or cable, have No smart phone, or broadband, and watch the odd DVD.

    The future sound lab, for music listening will be a man den, Ok, The lounge or the Dining room, 10ft x 12ft before moving to the loft conversion, 20ft x 25ft in 2,3,7 or never years time.

    For the deep contemplation, and enjoyment of the odd glass (ltr) or two of malt, Not the Chocolate variety.

    I need to review many threads, and gather much more information before seeming competent enough to be able to ask any sensible or meaningful question(s) on a way forward.

    Bear with me.

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    I'm Jerry.


    Hi Bydand

    Welcome to the forum.

    Don't be concerned if you think you lack knowledge about hifi, life is a learning experience for us all!

    Just raise topics or ask questions as they occur to you, and that in itself will help you along and allow others here to comment and provide advice from our own experiences.

    Qobuz 16/44 streaming, Topping D30 DAC with lpsu, Herron VTSP-2 valve preamp, Trigon TRE 50M monoblocks, MBL 116F speakers.

    Cables: Wireworld Starlight USB, Ixos Ixotica i/c, W&M speaker cables, Belden 19364 mains cables

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Bydand. Welcome to AOS.

    If you have questions, I'm sure members will be happy to give opinions. There's plenty of good knowledge here.

    Feel free to get involved and chat with everybody.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    I'm Bydand.


    Jerry and Geoff,

    Many thanks for your responses. I shall indeed be asking many questions in the future, but for now I am fine in digging through the many threads of interest and following the links which take me on a number of different and various paths.

    It is going to take sometime to distill my multitude of wants into something answerable from a question or two.

    There is a lot of information out there to digest.

    One thing I have found out, Is that the two attachments on either side of the head, would appear to be unique and of variable quality.
    One thing I have found, is that the two appendages on either side of the head are Unique and of Variable Quality.

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