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Thread: The K3 Latest in the Man shed projects...!

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    I'm Karl.

    Cool The K3 Latest in the Man shed projects...!

    Hi all,
    Been away for a while... but busy in the man Shed between the chores...! Bought a nice little lathe and milling machine so up't the spec of the new deck a little....

    Some of you may remember my first prototype deck the 'K2'.. Anyway the 'K3' has now taken over..
    CameraRoll_5.jpg K3_-7.jpg K3_2.jpg CameraRoll_K3-2.jpg CameraRoll_K3-3.jpg

    Some differences in the construction this time, Multi layers of Aluminum and Acrylic sheets, SME 3009 II Improved arm with a Shure V15VxMR cartridge and VN5xMR stylus, Motor - DD from Hitachi Ps38, Adjustable Acrylic spikes and some remote controlled LED's to suit the mood...
    Clear Perspex lid with Carbon fibre and aluminum legs to match the strobe post...

    More than chuffed with the sound and the look...

    Let me know what your thoughts are..

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    I'm Geoff.


    Looks great!

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    I'm Peter.


    Just the dogs....,,!!!!

    Hope it sounds as good as it looks!!


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    I'm Ian.


    Congratulations, very elegant build. If it sounds as good as it looks it will be a marvelous deck.

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    I'm Karl.


    Cheers guys... best sounding deck so far... I think itís due to the mass of the deck..and the construction of the materials.

    Does anyone know of a good DD motor and control system ? And where to purchase them ? I want something similar to the one that used by many Japanese manufacturers back in the day, I think itís the Matsushita MKL-15SI-T-18-V or derivatives of.
    Any help appreciated.

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    I'm paul.


    Love it,
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    Garage system another Sony receiver, cassette deck and full range drivers in free air

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