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Thread: Super Bowl 52

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    Got it, mate. Have a few jobs to do now, so will come back to you on that later


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    Okey dokey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco View Post
    Coincidentally, that's also why I support Glasgow Celtic, because of the fast, attacking and ENTERTAINING football they play! Rarely are they boring to watch. I can't abide slow and boring defensive *anything* in sport.

    I even hate football when it becomes too tactical and turns into a game of chess!! European and International football often gets like that now. YAWNSVILLE...

    Can you see where I'm coming from now?

    Yes, Yes, and Yes. You're talking my language here Marco. Every once in a blue moon I catch a soccer...oops, that's football to you all...game that's all about attacking. Now that's more like it! Otherwise I just can't sit through it all.

    Tell me, do UK footballers do the wussy fake injury thing? Or is that just players from the, er, more southerly nations?

    I think you would like ice hockey. It really is incredibly fast moving. The sheer speed, agility and split-second reaction time of these players is just remarkable. Hey, we've got the Olympics starting now, so a great opportunity to watch some good games. The teams to watch are Canada (Yay!), USA, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic and Russia. The Swiss have been putting up a good fight in recent years, and keep getting better. The Swedes play a fast gritty game and aren't afraid to lay on some hits, big Viking lads that they are. Russia and Czech play with a lot of finesse. Canada will, naturally, win gold

    And do watch some women's games, esp. when Canada plays the US -- that's an arch rivalry and is never dull. These two have dominated women's hockey, to the detriment of the sport, but other nations are slowly catching up so there's finally some competition. Can't say with confidence that Canada will win gold here, as the US has been very strong of late. That said, we always seem to pull it off in the final moments of the gold medal game. The quality of play in women's hockey really is first rate. Tremendous skill and athleticism.

    As for American football, you are quite right that there's a lot of stop-start going on. The Wall Street Journal did a study a few ago that of the average game, lasting officially 60 minutes on the clock, there are in fact only 11 minutes of action. The rest is just standing around in a huddle, listening to the referees shouting, and generally doing not much of anything. More time is spent in TV broadcasts doing replays and commercials. Pretty pathetic. That said, a good game can be exciting to watch. It helps to understand the strategy. But knowing your need for constant action, this probably ain't the sport for you. Try hockey...


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    So Marco...are you watching any Olympic hockey? Some great games on these days, men and women.

    Canadian women played the US last night in a scrappy game, but SO FAST! 60 shots on net in total, both sides....that means a shot on net every minute of play, not counting those that missed the net. Constant action.

    Check it out!

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