I have been looking at The Fall discography and trying to work out if certain CD re release expanded editions have been discontinued.

I have been looking at Discogs but would particularly like to see information if the CD is no longer in production or likely to be. This is in reference to some Castle Music 2000s releases expanded editions which seem to be fetching high prices on the used market. Some I own and some I would like. I know the Fall catalogue is a minefield of different record labels.

"Castle Music was one of the leading mid-price re-issue labels in the market, covering all genres of popular music from the 1950s onwards. Formed in 1999 as part of the Sanctuary Records Group Ltd. to cover the catalogue and sublabels of Castle Communications PLC which Sanctuary had acquired, it was a label of this group until 2007, but became defunct when Sanctuary was absorbed into the Universal Music Group"

Thats info from Discogs which has probably answered the question to a large extent. Would Universal release them again or is that unlikely?

Is there a way you all easily see if something is out of production and will never be made again? I dont want to start thinking things are harder to find then walk into HMV and find someone has produced a batch again.

Just pondering...is Discogs the best site?
Best wishes