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Thread: Acoustic Research AR18- opinions and restoring....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ammonite Acoustics View Post
    These people in the Netherlands are very good for re-foam kits http://speakerrepairshop.nl/index.ph...N#.WnNfZeanyhB
    They are the crowd I always use, too. I would personally always buy dust caps as well - remove the old ones and shim the voice coil to make sure it stays where it should during the process.

    It can be done without the shimming but is trickier and more likely to fail!

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    My Uncle had a pair with a NAD 3020A and I remember thinking it was an attractive sound when I heard them over a couple of days.

    Theres a fair bit of work to be done though assuming you can find replacement surrounds. Do they do foam kits for that size AR driver? It could be one of those intentions bigger than ability/cost effectiveness moments. I often have those. I know you will be looking at them and thinking what a waste if they cant be fixed Time moves on though and that was the downside of using foam surrounds on speakers long since out of production.

    Drying glue and centering cones fills me with worry about the finished result

    With one tweeter dome dented Im tending to think they are just too far gone for a satisfying project. Nostalgia can only take us so far. Its up to you though and it could keep you busy for a while
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