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Dave Greenfield's morse code keyboard on Enough Time spells out "Mother Earth We Are Fucked". Probably very true

I only gave it a 7, which is a bit mean, but it has a few duff tracks. The keyboard/synth on Sleazy gets 11/10 - what a fantastic sound played at 11.

I think their best album was Rattus, and that like the Clash, they were never able to beat their first effort.
Love the Morse fact, I'm glad the BBC didn't suss that out or they would never have played any of it.
Rattus and No more heroes are really hard acts to follow, I think I wore out my first Heroes. I really like The Raven too, again one or two duffers but a great listen all the same and I've still got my 3D sleeve first press, although it's rather beyond playing now, surfaces like Olympic skating rinks