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Thread: SAD Sufferer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minstrel SE View Post
    These bloody people who get up every morning full of the joys of spring
    Lol - they piss you off, don't they? I'm not a morning person at all. Takes me a good couple of hours (and some strong coffee) to properly wake up and fully focus (after 8-9 hours of deep, usually undisturbed sleep).

    However, once done, I'm a cheery, even-tempered person, not prone to bad moods (most probably because I'm happy and contented within myself and love my life), and so that's the type of person I like having around me (I detest the opposite: moaning gits who never seem happy), and so fortunately my wife's the same, in terms of temperament

    We're both very much 'glass half full', optimistic, cheery people - just not first thing in the morning!


    "A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do" -- Milan Kundera.


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    Started on some vitamin D3 today. Maybe it'll do something, maybe not.

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    Can't do any harm and it isn't expensive.

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    Hey Bev,

    Just checking....how's it going? Made any changes since your last post? Feeling better? Hope you're on the up-n-up!

    If you want a bit of reading on this, here's a good short article on mood-boosting foods to get you through the winter blahs:


    Hope it helps.


    PS -- dark chocolate is a thumbs-up! That would cheer anyone up

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