I found a rare record of a local band Fantasy, the album is Paint a picture. It's on Spotify along with several other albums under the fantasy name, but different people.
I think it's worth a listen, some nice songs and the musicians are very accomplished. The lead singer, Paul Lawrence, lived in my road and the lead guitarist, Peter James, a friend of someone in my band at the time,
introduced me to my first listen at a proper hifi, r2r, the lot, that got me started. Funny how you never forget songs from way back, I remembered every one. Although Spotify list this album as 2010 it was early seventies. The band were originally called Chapel Farm but polydor changed their rock band image and the name. One track " the award " was a tribute to a founder member who jumped off Beachy Head to his death.
I recently saw a mint album for several hundred pounds and on inspection of my own found one side badly scratched, you see drinking is bad for you. Anyway take a listen and post your thoughts.
I'm fairly sure this has digitized from vinyl as I can hear some noise here and there.