Ok Iím really new here & trying to get my head round all this stuff.
Iv just put togeather some old hi fi gear.
Nad 3130 amp
Duel 510 TT
Dennon DCD1000 CD player
& Iv just acquired a pair of Mordaunt Short Aviano 6 speakers at a bargain price (havenít picked up yet) all switch on & is in mint condition so no reason to believe it wont fire into audio life once hooked up.
So I need some cables.

I assume I can bi wire the speakers to my amp, am I correct in this as there are 2 channels A & B 4 posts each on the amp? & 4 posts marked hi & low on the speakers.
Been looking at Bi wire cable, seems really expensive, any recommendations or is ordinary speaker cable x2 per speaker just as good?
The TT phono cable out of the back looks really naff & is hard wired to a din plug I had with it a din to audio adapter which I seem to have lost. Can I replace this cable for something more decent? Any suggestions.