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What cables did you change from and to? How would you describe the 'positive improvements'? What is your cable setup? Did you change the cables from the wall or just from a distribution strip (assuming you use one).

Hi Edward,

I'm lucky, I have a seperate supply from our substation that is probably less than 50 metres away. Houses that were built much later than ours have a seperate supply.

My vinyl has wall mount power supplies so the improvement was only noted by amp.

I put in a seperate supply from our distribution point to the lounge for the sound equipment.

No distribution strip.

I was using the std cables that came with the equipment. Recently bought (used) Russ Andrews Yello. Hearing the improvement I made a lead myself from 2 lengths of low loss aerial cable using centre conductor for feed and screen for earth.

The difference I heard was when I changed the leads sequentially, starting with the integrated amp. More dynamics, detail, bass depth and definition. Next my CD transport, then my DAC. These added a little more to the party in terms of detail.

The amp showed the most improvement.