Hi All,

A real quick one with 2 big highlights from CES which is running in Las Vegas at the moment -

Chord Introduce their new ‘Qutest’ DAC

So whenever Chord Electronics announce a new DAC it is always big news and this is no different as their new DAC called the ‘Qutest’ is the replacement for one of our most popular Dac’s, the 2Qute, this new version has a funky new look, is based on the Hugo 2 Rob Watts Dac Chip and also has user switchable filters and 3 different output voltages and priced at £1195 this is going to be another huge success for Chord.

The phone has been red hot today with people placing orders so with limited numbers available this month please feel free to give us a ring to place your order, if you have a 2Qute and would like to P/X it for a Qutest please feel free to get in touch also as we give very competitive trade in prices.


Sennheiser Announce the HD 820 Closed Back Headphones!

I have a feeling that these are going to quickly become the reference for closed back headphones and are really going to move the game on much like the original HD800′s did when launched a few years ago.

Promising HD800 levels of sound quality in a closed back really is saying something but if anyone can then Sennheiser are are the guys to do it, also I have to say that they are also the coolest closed back headphones I have seen, using Gorilla Glass so you can see the drivers inside but this glass is also used to help the sound keep that open presentation, they just look stunning.

I am not sure just yet when they are going to be available but we are taking pre-orders now, I have a few pairs on order so if you’d like to get a pair reserved from the limited supply that will initially be available please give me a ring, we just need a £200 deposit.


So there we go two really hot new products to start 2018 with, I have a feeling this is going to be a good year

All the best,