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Thread: 2 arm plinth

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    Default 2 arm plinth

    I'm looking for ideas of what turntable can have 2 arms already thought of the obverse garrard, Lenco, sp10 at the moment I'm leaning towards the Lenco 75 and I'll make my own plinth but open to suggestions,
    Technics 1200, Ian Mac bearing, rb300 AO arm analogue seduction crystal glass 6mm mat modded plinth external psu, angle audio studio pro mc virtual battery phono amp, Onix pre and mono amps, Onix CD player, Onix BWD and soap tuner. B&W dm2 speakers or super pencil 12 speakers, atlas cables, seperate mains power supply with earth spike.

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    Nottingham Analogue Interspace.

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    Kuzma Stabi SD

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    Thorens TD124, provided you dispense with the rubber 'mushroom' suspension and bolt the deck firmly to the plinth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by postmanpat View Post
    Kuzma Stabi SD
    I use a Stabi S with the single arm option, but have had the two arm attachment in the past. I used a Rega RB250 and the Kuzma unipivot arm.

    It is a superb sounding deck. Even with two arms on it still maintains a small foot print.

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    I have the attachment but only using 1 arm at the moment. I'm not sure i will ever use it with 2 arms!

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