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Thread: Wouldn't mind a pair of these!

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    Certainly James. Once I've bought them that is.

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    I wonder how different the new ones sound compared to the old versions? They always had plenty of visceral impact and bite, I wonder if the modern ones are more accurate?
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    I hope not, it was the lack of accuracy that gave the old L100 Century their magic. From the review linked to it sounds like the re-issues are still 'enthusiastically' balanced, though.

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    I have a pair of JBL 120Ti as my main speakers currently. No idea how they compare to 4312 (originals or reissues) but they also are a 3-way design with a titanium tweeter and 12" woofer and were about 20% more expensive than 4312 back in the day, so roughly in the same price range. Also the midrange unit seems to be close to same. I imagine the 120Ti was designed more towards ticking up some boxes for "audiophiles" while not upsetting traditional JBL audience too much. These seem regarded as their best 12" 3-way by many, but also some reviews from back in the day complained how JBL had lost what made their speakers special with these. Sadly my woofers are not original though, the foam surround had rotted and the previous owner had thrown the woofers in the trash... Even with the budget Dayton Audio replacement woofers (which have nearly identical response according to simulations though) I really love how these sound. And these JBLs at least are excellent with jazz, they really bring forward the energy and do justice to the rich upper harmonics of instruments like saxes, without sacrificing tonality or sounding shouty. Imaging is more of the broad brush kind though than some other speakers, so if you are into pinpoint holographic "sound images" JBL is probably not the way to go in general.

    I admit I had some serious prejudices against JBL but these were so cheap because they were missing the woofers when I got them, I just had to give them a try. Did take me some time to get used to after Kef 104aB but no going back once I did.

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