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Thread: Hi folks just saying hello and hope you all have a good new year .

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    I'm David.

    Default Hi folks just saying hello and hope you all have a good new year .

    My system at present is Quad 77 pre and 707 power amp and 77 cd player driving Monitor Audio Silver 6 speakers . For albums I use an Ariston RD11S with a Rega arm and Dynavector MC cartridge . For streaming I have a Pioneer N50A . My musical tastes are varied but I love Americana , some jazz and some classical and some rock . I'm in the process of upgrading and will soon be replacing my 77cd and pre amp with a Quad Artera and later I will replace the 707 power amp with the Quad Stereo. I will be selling the the 77 pre amp and the 77 cd within the next month , if anyone is interested get in touch .
    Cheers Dave .

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Dave. Welcome to AOS.

    Looks like you know where your system is going. If you have Hi-Fi to dispose of, there's our 'Private Exhibitions' section for sales and wants.

    There's plenty going on here, so get involved and have a chat with folk, it's a friendly place.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    I'm Manny.


    A warm welcome to AoS David

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