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    I'm Kevin.

    Default Hello World

    After lurking for some time I thought it was time to start actively engaging. I have read many posts here over the years and value the input from all as Iíve taken baby steps to put together my mature age hifi system Mk I. Lol.
    Hello, my name is Kevin and Iím a budding HiFi Addict. Iíve just got my first grown up system.
    I trained as a classical musician but have spent most of my working life as a teacher.
    Iíve always enjoyed music, both live and recorded. 10 years ago I made a huge mistake.... I gave away 10k records... classical, jazz, blues, folk... the lot. Such is life.
    For the past few years Iíve been dreaming of getting a nice system to chill with as I move through my 50s and beyond.
    Speakers: Whatmough 505i signatures
    PS AUDIO: PWT, DSD JNR, Stella Pre, Stella M700 power amps.
    Then of course the ridiculous variables of interconnects, speaker cables and power cables and conditioning.
    Speaker Isolation, component isolation, equipment racks, room treatment and of course... personal tastes in all these things including the musicality of the system within the room given the progressive nature of the journey.
    Iíve enjoyed it so far, Iím learning lots but most importantly... Iím enjoying listening to recorded and streaming music for the first time in many years.
    Iíve found my happy place and letting the music move me... not being too afraid to feel the music on many levels and wonder at the joy of hearing the details and subtlety Iíve missed in prior listening sessions.
    Iím but a newbie to this slippery slope of aiming for a musical realism in the presentation of sound.
    Iíll chirp in from time to time but continue to draw on all your vast and varied experiences.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hi Kevin. Welcome to AOS.

    Shame you gave the records away. Many have done the same and regretted it.

    If you've been dropping by for a look, you'll know every aspect of Hi-Fi is covered here, so just join in the fun and have a chat with everybody.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    I'm Steve.


    Glad Ive kept mine all these years.

    I'm sure you'll find the forum very helpful, bet your weather is better than ours


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    I'm Manny.


    A warm welcome Kevin. I gave most of my vinyl away too, but kept the rare, limited pressings. Bought vinyl since I was a kid so naturally my collection grew (over 10,000). House move a few years ago, made me seriously look at space, declutter, digital options and would I 'really' listen to everything? The answer was no, so a hardcore look at my collection and I think I've now got about 200 and they're in storage!!

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