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Thread: Stylus microscope

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    That's all very well if you know what to look for, any stylus I've looked at looks so rough I feel I wouldn't let it near my vinyl, and that includes new.
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    These devices only have a magnification of 20-30x, and are only useful to check how clean the stylus is. They are all pretty useless for examining for stylus wear - for that you really need stereo-microscope having a magnification of 200x.

    However having said that, the cheap coin inspection device cited above is the best I have used to check for stylus cleanliness.
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    Playing around with a cheap 25 USB microscope from Amazon - using Photo Booth on a Mac Book Air

    NOS Ortofon M20 FL stylus - viewed end on at 200x (using optical and digital zoom)

    For reference, look here at the old Shure stylus microscope manual - you want to see two small highlight either side of a wide black gap at the tip (relatively speaking) - i.e. you don't want two large white spots almost merging in the middle

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamie123 View Post
    lol ,my eye sight isn't that good,i use a 25 x loupe,more for cartridge alignment,i always buy new or low hours cartridges so im not fussed about looking at the tip too much,if i do i use one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USB-Micro...cAAOSww9xZBDTg

    the beauty of the ones above is you can view it on your pc monitor and take photos,see here for pics,

    the trouble with the one you bought is you have to get it so close to the tip to see anything your in danger of hitting the cantilever. just my opinion though.
    Jamie, I bought one of these and not sure whether it's knackered or not. Where the hell does it save the pictures to when you click on the 'take a picture' button? I've found a folder called CoolingTech\CapPicture but there's nothing in it. Also, how does the zoom button work as it doesn't seem to do anything?

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