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Thread: Leak Stereo 70

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    Default Leak Stereo 70

    Hi Guys

    Well as you know picked up a Stereo 70 & fetic tuner with Teak sleeve during the week with test theirs distortion on the left channel today i inspected and found the leaking PSI capacitors so its of for a full restoration i think at 20 each for the 2 its worth investing the money to get it up on running after a good 25 years sat the last owner said i will update thread ones all is done work not being done by me

    Thanks Guys PS any experiences with the ST 70 its a heavy amplifier for its size....still wish we kept the Stereo 20 we had about 6 years ago...

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    HI this is a link to the Delta 70 amp (face lift version of the stereo 70 ) https://elektrotanya.com/leak_delta-.../download.html

    I have both of these amps and they are a good workhorse

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    I owned Stereo 70 in the mid 80s, bought on a whim from a junk shop of the type long extinct.
    I well remember purchasing the unit, in pristine condition with a unmarked teak sleeve and pretty comprehensive manual.

    I was drawn to the unit mainly because of its price...10 quid...remember this was before the vintage market existed, in those days cheap British gear was almost unsellable.
    I knew nothing of the brand back then (no interwebs and magazine coverage) but was immediately impressed by the build quality and weight.
    At the time my erm, amp was a awful little Hitachi thing with LED power meters ran by a STK module....sounded shit but was all I could afford.

    The leak was a revelation, very understated looks but great sound for a tenner.
    Due to the rubbish speakersockets I spent quite a time whittling matchsticks to jam my thin cable into place and the close spacing of the RCA sockets were not a issue for my giveaway cables.
    Finally changed it when a cheap NAD 3130 appeared in the same junk shop.....

    Happy days.

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    I've always liked the Stereo 70, personally - it's a fine amp. Dont dismiss the Stereofectic, either - a vastly under-rated tuner IMHO.

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