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Thread: Audible hum in Timestep HEIII PSU

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    Default Audible hum in Timestep HEIII PSU

    Hi folks tried to hunt in case this was covered but cant see it. I just had a Timestep PSU fitted to my 1210.

    Even via a mains conditioner , with TT disconnected and no wires around it the unit otself is humming and has a very subtle but present vibration if touched.

    Anyone had same or/and knows a resolution ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Is it a new PSU, and who fitted it?
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    Transformer might be a bit loose in the housing. But supplier should fix that, not you.

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    I had the same supply fitted to my 1210 and it did have a very slight hum nothing major unless you put your ear near it. My friend also has the same and his was a lot louder than mine but not to the level of disturbing your music playing. I was told you can add a piece of rubber under the internals but it didn't warrant it to be honest. If its not crazy loud I wouldn't mess about with it. As Chris said try tightening the bolt on the bottom that holds the transformer internals. Also I thought all PSUs hum to some extent whilst powered on?
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    Send it back via the dealer you got it from , I should not hum / vibrate
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    I've got a psu on my angle audio phono stage and there is no hum, don't think psu should hum at all at normal levels.
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    All transformers vibrate to some extent. Sometimes you can be unlucky and 50 hz happens to be the natural resonance of something else in the enclosure, or something is just loose. Sometimes transformers hum if there is a short and more current than there should be is being drawn. Chances it just needs a service and a few of the fasteners inside tightening up.

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    This might be some DC offset on your mains that makes this noise and causes the PSU to hum. You can check if a DC blocker helps here.
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