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Thread: Radio Paradise FLAC

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    Post Radio Paradise FLAC

    May be I am slow, Radio Paradise has launched a FLAC service accessible from their iPhone and Android Apps, and Michael Herger has created a plug-in for LMS. Radio Paradise say they will provide access via their new web player in Feb 2018 and a FLAC stream sometime after that.

    I have successfully used it on my RPI3/PiCorePlayer running LMS & a Squeezebox Radio both synchronised and controlled from the Squeeze Control app on my Android phone. The sound is really a step-up from the 320K stream. Its really worth trying out if you have not done so already.


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    I agree.
    The FLAC stream is streets ahead in the sound quality stakes.

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    Yep, I have been using it for a while and love it. It prompted me to send RP 30 bucks and I think I will send the same every year.
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    Default Radio Paradise FLAC

    Thank you all for the information. It is a superb station with good music and excellent sound quality. I have downloaded the app on to my iPhone and will download the Android version to my FiiO X7II, for streaming.

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    Cheers Alistair - just set it up on my Vortexbox.
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    Good news. Well spotted.
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    Big fan of RP and support it.
    Listen to a high quality "Naim Exclusive" (apparently) stream, but look forward to the Web Player in Feb so I can punch the URL into Roon and listen to it propa like.
    have hifi n stuff

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