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Thread: Hi, Valerio from Italy...

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    I'm Valerio.

    Cool Hi, Valerio from Italy...

    hello everyone, i'm Valerio from Italy, a civil engineering with a passion for listening music and road cycling.
    I have a mix between an audio and HT system.
    The source is a Cambridge Audio BD751 attached to my ethernet. Network files are stored in my Qnap HS210 nas.
    Recently i've added a Simaudio Moon 280D DAC.
    Amplification is donne with a mix of Audiolab: 8000AP, 2*8200MB, 2*8000M and a 8200P
    Speaker are B&W 803s+805s+HTM4
    Cable are Atlas Equator+Qed Revelation. Mains are a DIY work
    My room has some DIY tube traps in the corner.
    In the front i have an Adeo plano Screen with gain 1.0 240*180cm, JVC x500 projector...
    I thinks that's all....

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    I'm Manny.


    A warm welcome to AoS

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hi Valerio. Welcome to AOS.

    Tell us what music you like and what future plans you may have for your Hi-Fi.

    I'm sure you'll find a great deal to interest you here. Feel free to join in the chat.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    I'm Phil.


    welcome valerio , friends of ours have italian deli and this last year i heard 3 beautiful italian amps that were so goood !!! [grandinote and unison research] welcome to aos
    1]bel canto pre 3 vbs /MSB s200 , / onkyo sacd/ bel canto fm1
    sonos, . tannoy eaton legacy 2]schiit saga pre , firebottle mono`s marantz sa8005 bel canto 3.5vbss and RFC impulse ta`us , track audio stands

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