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Thread: hello

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    I'm John.

    Default hello

    Hi! Happy 2018 everyone. I am interested in hifi. Have a pair of LS50s, powered by NAD D3020. Looking to possibly upgrade my amp. I like a wide range of music.


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    I'm I'mteachingmarcotheartofpishanto.


    Hello and welcome to AOS
    Music , fills the gaps between silence !

    TAT Sale post Leader " Marcos Mentor "

    Also a pishanto specialist confirmed by Head Daftee

    Real name " Allen " or "Zoomer Nut”, “Numpty Napper”.


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    I'm Manny.


    A warm welcome Hua

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello John. Welcome to AOS.

    Yes, I guess a little more power wouldn't hurt with your KEF's. Whay not start a thread in the Blank Canvas area and ask some questions. I'm sure members can give you opinions on amps.

    Feel free to join in the chat, it's a friendly place.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    I'm Chris.


    I heard the KEFs at the Bristol Show last year and they were impressive but I've heard they can require careful amp-pairing

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